Lasercut artwork – Life symmetries

For this artwork I worked with lasercut technique. I made the illustration by hand, after which I digitized it and made it suitable for cutting with a laser cutter. The material used for this is recycled plastic, which comes from the advertising world. Here it was used as lettering and exhibition materials. After use, this is returned to the factory, where it is only made usable again by a process of washing and heating.

Thanks to a special mounting technique, there is space between the cut-out illustration and the background, which gives it an extra layered effect.


I myself am amazed that completely new images arise as soon as you copy and mirror a drawing. Something magical happens in our brain when we see symmetrical images. There is something reassuring and familiar about it, which is not surprising given that many life forms in nature are built symmetrically.

Metaphorically, I also find the concept of symmetry special. Many movements in our lives are also symmetrical. Events repeat themselves, willingly or unwillingly, and if you look deeper, many situations are mirrors of our feelings and behavior. What you surround yourself with – people, events, environments – shapes your identity.

The moment you discover your own tipping points in this process, the most valuable insights arise.


The format is 50 x 70 cm, frame included.

Colors may differ from your screen display.

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