Meditative illustrations

My visual language feels soft and friendly. It helps you experience peace in your head, so that you can breathe and feel again.

stressreleiving animations

Animated art videos that activate the peace within yourself in a short time, so that you are in control of stressful situations and have easier access to your intuition, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Interior graphics

Custom wall solutions for public spaces, meditation rooms, quiet rooms, office environments or living spaces.

You don’t see my art
you see yourself through my art

Art to FEEL better

Hi, I’m Cora Verhagen, a dutch creative with a deep interest in body intelligence and the human psyche. What fascinates me is what is activated in you when you come into contact with a still or moving image.

Especially when you are visually inclined, the application of images is a great way to make contact with the deeper layers within yourself.

The way I do this is by developing calming organic images, so that your head calms down and you get in touch with what truly lives inside you beneath the thinking mind. Art to FEEL better.

Cora Verhagen pet felt muurpaneel voor viltstore

What I do…

In this time, where we spend a lot of our days dealing with straightforward technology and linear frames of thought, people are in need of connection more than ever.

To make this happen, it’s time to soften up and fill the world with positive vibes and gentle energy.

With my meditative art, designs and animations it’s my goal to bring joy, beauty and calmness, because looking at art reflects what often lies hidden inside of you. Wouldn’t it be great if you let that blossom?

Therefore I prefer to work for conscious people and organizations that improve the well-being of people and the environment and treat the world with respect.

How can I serve you?

Does my work inspire you? I am sure I came across your path for a reason. Let’s connect to see how I can serve you.

I’m looking forward to meet you.